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Silly Hoes

A lot of women have tramp stamps. Don’t believe me? Go to Lake Havasu in August. Or Vegas in July. Or the south whenever. You know what’s unfortunate about tramp stamps too? They’re SO generic? Ew.

These two really caught me eye however:


She Clearly Has a Sense of Humor

Bad, right? Oh man, I bet mom and dad are proud of that one. Her future daughter is also pretty stoked (I spy a wedding ring on her left hand.)

Not quite as bad (or pretentious) as this “fine” work of art though:



You do realize there’s paper for things like this, right? Or blogs… Just saying.

How much would you wager that these two broads are hoes of famous rapper Ludacris?

Here’s a map of his hoes for your entertainment:


Not as impressive as the song might indicate. We do know one thing though: Ludacris is HUGE in Nebraska (or they just have large area codes… like NM, MT, ND, SD, ID and WY. Eh, nevermind.)

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