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And the Jobless Battle Rages On…

I found this following story from a former Navy veteran very sad:

Meet W.L., from Jacksonville Florida. Has 22 years experience in the U.S. Navy. Has worked in Communications and Management in various capacities, and has an Associate’s Degree. Laid off in May 2009.

I served my country, without objection, when it needed me. After leaving the military I acquired a college degree in Business Management and started my own business. After having my shop destroyed by vandals, I closed my business and accepted employment outside the USA where I worked for 11 years.

Upon returning to the USA, I worked various administrative positions until May 2009. Since that period of time I have been looking for employment every day. I post my resume to many positions. I have posted for many positions, had 2 interviews, but was not contacted after that. My qualifications are at worst “excellent”; however it is to no avail. I continue to look for work; however it’s extremely frustrating having to accept the fact that although my expertise is needed, my age isn’t. I can’t accept any other reason for not being selected.

To that end, I have been relying on unemployment to tide me over until such time as I do find employment. I have faith that it will happen, but in the meantime I direly need these benefits for my daily needs. I hope that Congress will hear the call of workers who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own and pass this extension. When I was a military man I never once had the thought of not giving whatever my country required of me.

I will not list those things which I now must forego because it seems irrelevant, given the magnitude of losses that millions of other families also face. I pray to God every day for those of us who have lost our homes, cars, basic necessities, and most of all, our dignity.

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HUGE Update for Fourth CA UI Extension!!!

From CA EDD’s website:

Good news for those who have exhausted all available extended unemployment benefits as of December 5, 2009.

EDD was able to complete necessary testing and automatically file the new federal extension claims on Sunday night for potentially eligible claimants who have already run out of benefits. Notifications alerting approximately 115,000 people of their filing status and claim forms to verify eligibility are being sent in the mail today, Monday, December 14, 2009. With this automatic filing of extension claims, claimants who previously had been advised to file for the extension, will no longer need to submit a new application online.

In addition, EDD has been able to expedite the payment process in the extraordinary case of this new extension. That should enable the department to issue and mail the first two-week checks for those eligible claimants by the end of the day on Tuesday, December 15. This is being done as a one-time event due to the severe nature of the recession, the extenuating circumstances surrounding the complex programming of the Department’s outdated computer systems, and the difficulties faced by many long-term unemployed workers who went without benefits for several weeks until Congress approved the new extension program. The work-around process developed in our system is for the first two-week checks only.

Once eligible claimants receive their first check, the next two-week claim form will be attached. Claimants are encouraged to quickly and accurately complete the form and mail it back right away to EDD for additional weeks of eligibility that have already passed. Eligible claimants who immediately return claim forms for past weeks will receive claim forms and checks until they are caught up with all eligible weeks under the new federal extension. The first payable week under the new federal extension program is the week beginning November 8, 2009.

It’s important to remember that someone has to fully exhaust all benefits currently available to them before they can qualify for the new third tier of benefits approved by the federal government in November. It’s estimated that approximately 164,000 Californians will become eligible for the new extension upon running out of their current benefits between now and December 27, which is the current federal deadline for filing for any new extension of unemployment benefits.

Congress is currently considering legislation to extend the filing deadline of the existing emergency extended benefit programs. Please watch this Web site for further developments on the filing deadline and other UI-related issues. You can also sign up for our Twitter messages so you are alerted as soon as any new posting occurs.

Senate Passes Fourth Unemployment Benefits Extension?


“Shortly before 1 pm today, the Senate voted on its final round of cloture on the unemployment extension bill. The vote was 97 – 1. Jim DeMint (R-SC) was the only dissenting vote. At the very latest, the Senate will pass this bill tomorrow morning, at which time it will be sent back to the House for passage and then to the President for signature. We anticipate this will all be done before close of business on Friday at the latest.”

The Senate: “Where Efficiency Happens”


“Where Beaurocracy Happens”

“Where Partisan Bickering Happens”

etc. etc. etc.

Anyway, check this out:

It’s Groundhog Day in the Senate.

After voting 85-2 yesterday to proceed to legislation extending unemployment benefits at least 14 weeks nationwide, the Senate remains stalled Tuesday over a second procedural vote required to move to final passage.

Delaying the bill are (1) Republican leaders insisting on consideration of unrelated amendments, and (2) Senate rules requiring two cloture votes to move to final passage of a bill originating in the House when Senate Democrats want to swap it out for a substitute proposal, as was the case here.

So yesterday’s cloture vote was on the Senate substitute bill, with a second needed to move to the (amended) House bill. That’s a long way of saying that the final vote will  come Thursday at the earliest, unless party leaders can reach an agreement beforehand.

Neither side, though, appears ready to budge.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) told reporters in the Capitol today that GOP leaders are stalling intentionally in order to prevent other Democratic priorities from reaching the floor.

“Even today they’re still stalling before we can pass this bill finally,” Reid said. “Perhaps Senate Republicans don’t think it matters to stall and delay, but it matters to the unemployed worker who so desperately needs this money.”

Democratic leaders first asked Republicans for their consent to pass the bill unanimously on Oct. 8. GOP leaders, however, refused that and subsequent requests, citing first the absence of a cost estimate, then the reluctance of Democrats to consider amendments on ACORN and illegal immigrants, and finally the Democrats’ refusal to vote on three other GOP amendments, including a provision to end the Wall Street bailout and another to fund the unemployment benefit extension with unspent stimulus funds.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) told reporters today that if Reid wants to pass the unemployment benefits quickly, he simply needs to agree to votes on those three provisions. Otherwise, McConnell said he has every intention of dragging the process out as long as he can.

“We could have passed this unemployment insurance bill last Thursday,” McConnell said.

I offered a consent agreement which would have given us a handful of amendments upon which we were prepared to take short time agreements, but the majority leader didn’t want to have to vote on more amendments.

So my view is, he doesn’t get to pick our amendments. What we were offering was totally reasonable. And he didn’t want to have — he didn’t want to have the votes.

Technically, the second cloture vote could come as early as 11:40 p.m. tonight, though that vote will likely be pushed to Wednesday morning. Afterward, without an agreement, Democrats would have to wait another 30 hours before staging the final vote, which will likely come Thursday afternoon.

The next stop would be the House, which passed a different unemployment bill in September. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said Tuesday that chamber leaders will take up the Senate bill as soon as it arrives from the upper chamber.

“Why they had to wait a week to get the vote is beyond me,” Hoyer told reporters. “Having said that, we will consider the UI when it comes over.”

Your Tax Dollars Do Not Pay For Unemployment

I spend about 90 seconds a week on unemployment benefit-related message boards, and I see the following statement a lot:

“GET A JOB!!! I’m sick of you lowlifes taking a vacation on my tax dollars!!!!!!1”

Allow me to respond with the following statement: Individual taxpayers do NOT pay for my unemployment benefits. In fact, business with over 10 employees, or $100,000 in annual payroll are required to contribute $14 per employee annually to the Employment Development Department (EDD.)

Now go fuck yourself, I have to continue creating resumes to be ignored by employers.

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