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Holy Shit, Another Post

Behold, the trailer for the upcoming sequel to the Boondock Saints.

Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day



[Please note: I am inept at computer wizardry, and was unable to embed the trailer into this blog. Here’s the youtube link for all interested parties: ]

How the FUCK did Troy Duffy get this film made!?

And why the shit is The Rum Diary still stuck in production hell, while this piece of shit film is set for release on October 30 of this year (2009.)

Other burning questions:

– Will Rocco make a comeback?

– What the fuck is Julie Benz doing filling in for Willem Dafoe?

– Will Clifton Collins Jr. expose himself?

– If not, can we please get another Ron Jeremy cameo?

– Will Troy Duffy actually make money off the theatrical release this time around?

– Will the film be released in more than five theaters? (Boondock Saints was originally released in only five theaters. Two thousand is the industry average.)

– Will the film have a longer theatrical duration than a week? (Yep, in addition to only being released in five [5] theaters, the original film was  shown for a mere week. Gross domestic earnings: $30,741. Film’s Budget: $6,000,000. LOLz.)

Holy shit, this movie is going to phucking suck.