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MarbleHornets Update: totheark Responds to Entry 17




Those of you who have been following my blog are probably familiar with the MarbleHornets ( series and its cast of demons (totheark, J, Slender Man)

Well, the above video was the latest response (from the strange character known as “totheark”) to this:

I try to keep this blog entertaining. Sometimes that means funny. Sometimes that means disgusting. And, in this case, that means FUCKING TERRIFYING.

Note: After totheark posted yet another cryptic and horrifying message to “J” [the person in control of Alex’s videos on youtube], J responded with this message:

“Starting to reconsider going back to that house.”

Yeah, this house:

The one that totheark filmed him in here:

Holy shit this is getting terrifying.

ps) J is a hoss.


Marble Hornets Update: Entry 17

Just when things couldn’t get any creepier, we get this:

Yep, Entry 17.

Notice someone standing in the background?



Fucking Slender Man is in the background. Just standing there. The entire time. ZOMG!

I should note that one of the reasons this is so fucking creepy, is because the last time J was in this house, someone was in there with him, and posted this video of him while he vomited on the ground:

That “someone” by the way, was probably this guy: