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The Lawless Frontier of Internet Depravity: 4chan /b/

Did you ever wonder where all that shit in the above video, and demonic, horrifying shit such as: boXXy, goatse, two girls one cup, rick-rolling, tub girl and just about every pic on theChive, FailBlog, eBaumsworld, (shit, just about every fucking blog in the world) and youtube originated? Answer: 4chan – “the asshole of the internet”

Well, “/b/“, to be specific.

4chan cannot be explained. It can only be experienced. I have recently set out to infiltrate 4chan and become a “/b/tard”, but currently I am “fag” status and already been accused of trolling.

Here’s some brief information on 4chan from wikipedia:

The “random” board, /b/, follows the design of Futaba Channel’s Nijiura board. It was the first board created, and is by far 4chan’s most popular board, with 30% of site traffic. Gawker summarizes /b/ as a board where “people try to shock, entertain, and coax free porn from each other.” Certain post numbers are sought after with a large amount of posting taking place to “GET” them. A “GET” occurs when a post’s number ends in a special number, such as 12345678, 22222222, or every millionth post. A sign of 4chan’s scaling, according to moot (the site’s creator, and overlord), was when GETs lost meaning due to the high post rate resulting in a GET occurring every few weeks. Moot estimated /b/’s post rate in July 2008 to be 150,000–200,000 posts per day.

/b/ has a “no rules” policy, except for bans on certain illegal content, such as child pornography, invasions of other websites, and under-18 viewing, all of which are inherited from site-wide rules. The “no rules” policy also applies to actions of administrator and moderator, which means that users may be banned at any time, for any reason, including no reason at all. Due partially to its anonymous nature, board moderation is not always successful—indeed, the site’s anti-child pornography rule is a subject of jokes on /b/. moot told The New York Times, in a discussion on the moderation of /b/, that “the power lies in the community to dictate its own standards” and that site staff simply provided a framework.

The humor of /b/’s many users, who refer to themselves as “/b/tards”, is often incomprehensible to newcomers and outsiders, and is characterized by intricate inside jokes and black comedy. Users often refer to each other, and much of the outside world, as “fags.” They are often referred to by outsiders as trolls, who regularly act with the intention of accruing “LULz”: a corruption of  “LOL” used to denote amusement at another’s expense.  It has been said of the board, “reading /b/ will melt your brain”, and Encyclopedia Dramatica’s definition of /b/ as “the asshole of the Internet”. Matthias Schwartz of The New York Times likened /b/ to a “a high-school bathroom stall, or an obscene telephone party line”, while the Baltimore City Paper wrote that “in the high school of the internet, /b/ is the kid with a collection of  switch blades and a locker full of porn.” Wired Magazine describes /b/ as a “notorious, terrifying, insane no-man’s land.”

The Guardian once summarized the 4chan community as “lunatic, juvenile… brilliant, ridiculous and alarming.”

Here’s an example of the above-mentioned “boXXy” (courtesy of /b/):

Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

This crazy broad created a civil war amongst /b/tards which ultimately led to the entire 4chan community – and to a larger degree – the internet as a whole to come to a crashing halt for a brief period of time in early 2009. You see, a fierce debate erupted between users who want to fuck this broad and users who want to kill her, light her on fire, and mutilate her body. As you can tell – she’s incredibly annoying, yet strangely intriguing. Her polarizing nature has earned her the title of  “The most successful troll ever to exist.”

Urban Dictionary describes Boxxy as:

An unbelievably annoying yet strangely mesmerizing cam-girl that has the wierd ability to bring YOUR FUCKING INTERNET TO IT’S FUCKING KNEES.

Boxxy caused so much chaos in early 2009 that 4chan got temporarily shut down, along with the rest of the internet.

Her brief internet life was brought to an end when a group called CBCR (Center for Boxxy Control and Restriction) found her personal details and “accidentally” leaked it all over the web. They then deleted all her videos and replaced them with a blood red warning message saying “Never post another video again”