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Marble Hornets (See: OMG HOLY SHIT WTF OMFG) Update:


It’s been about a month since I posted the link to marble hornets on this blog. At that point the hit count was around 700. Thanks to cracked (and the internet as a whole), that hit count is now over 70,000+

Some information since I first posted:

The expressionless antagonist of this (fictional? yet creepy) series is known on the web as “Slender Man” (totheark?), and has appeared in the following videos:


First seen in Entry 1, the Slender Man is seen to be standing outside Alex’s house.

Though not seen in Entry 2, Alex talks about seeing a man at the roadside on his way back to his house from the Marble Hornets set.
This man is most likely the Slender Man.


In Entry 4, glimpses are seen of a man running past the camera; again, this is most likely the Slender Man.

Entry 6, thought to be a direct continuation from Entry 1, shows the Slender Man looking through the windows of Alex’s House.


In Entry 7 Slender Man appears in the distance, observing the car that Alex is in, previously being hidden from the camera (and, supposedly, Alex) by Brian’s head, though it is apparent that Slender Man was not in that position a few seconds earlier.

In Entry 10 the Slender Man appears twice: once at 0:50, behind some tall grass, and at 1:22 on the far right of the screen.

Entry 11 has a spot of light, possibly that of a shirt collar(0:33) and the silhouette of a man(0:105 appear either inside or outside of one of Alex’s windows, and a shadow and gust of wind inside Alex’s bedroom(1:55), all most likely cause by Slender Man. In this Entry, certain drawings on the wall imply that the Slender Man is somehow related to totheark.


(you might have to blow this photo up to see him – but he’s standing center-left in the far ground. Note how he blends in with the trees.)

Slender Man seems to have first appeared to Alex in Entry 12, when he appears in broad daylight to the actors and producers of Alex’s movie, interrupting their shoot.

In Entry 13 Alex seems to run into Slenderman, either by accident or not. Slenderman is also seen behind a fence just before the audio and video go wonky.

Entry 14 has Slenderman actually enter Alex’s room, presumably to do something, as Alex is seen later with blood covering his face and staring at something across the room.

Please note that entries 15 and 16 have been added.

Entry 15 is an interview with a former Marble Hornets actor.

Entry 16 is the longest entry thus far, and is also the most frightening. Totheark‘s response to Entry 16 is both terrifying and bizarre. I urge all to check it out.

Also, it should be noted that totheark (prior to blocking his twitter account) responded to an inquiry as to whether or not “J” can be trusted with: “heishuman, thereforeno.”

Also, new information has surfaced that suggests Slender Man had a role in the death of a former soldier named “Matt”, and his series of attacks can be read here:

WARNING: The footage on MarbleHornet’s youtube page (starting with Introduction, and moving through entry #16 as of Halloween) are INCREDIBLY creepy. I suggest watching these videos during the day light hours in the company of a friend. Good luck.


Holy. Fucking. Shit.

This is a series of increasingly disturbing videos.

Start at the introduction, and move your way through the set.

Holy Jesus…

Good luck.

Note: Make SURE to watch these videos in chronological order, from entry 1 through 14.