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Join the cause!!!


The Face of Justice.

Have you read the paper lately? Police officers in the “party towns” of Fullerton, Orange, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach & Costa Mesa (among others) have started an increasingly (and very troubling) trend of arresting, beating, detaining and charging young men and women without cause. They hide behind their badges and create false allegations like “resisting arrest”, “obstructing justice”, “belligerence”, “combativeness” and other fables to justify their sadistic fix for violence.

Not ALL police officers are bad people. In fact, I support 99% of the police officers in Orange County. They are here to PROTECT & SERVE (Not BEAT & ARREST for pleasure.) It’s time to hold these overzealous, and ultra-violent pain-mongers accountable for their brutality. Why does it take 12 police officers to detain ONE person who is NOT resisting arrest, but only ONE police officer responds up (nonchalantly after 45 minutes) when we report a threat, attack, burglary or rape!? It’s NOT right and it needs to change TODAY!

Please click the link below to join us on Facebook! Thank you for your support! Remember: Democracy is the VOICE OF THE PEOPLE; and the moment those in charge begin to abuse their power is the moment democracy fails to function. As citizens, it’s time to FIGHT BACK WITH PEACEFUL ACTION!

LINK: http://apps.facebook.com/causes/463821?m=23e60fb3

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