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Horrifying Pets

I am annoyed by hipsters with too many tattoos. I understand it’s an addiction for some, an escape for others, and of course it’s also a way for the insecure to develop an “identity” for themselves because they were ignored during their youth and probably didn’t participate in team sports or receive love from their parents.

That’s all cool. Continue to ink yourself.

But your pets? Christ.

This is going too far:

Bacon, Inc. (er, "Ink.")

...the Sphynx?

Dude. Not cool.

Odelay, guey!

And then of course, there’s this guy: Who not only wants to be a pet (a cat, obv), but a tattooed one at that. Fucking freak show.


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  1. Tyler aka Grom
    15 January, 2010 at 14:02

    Im not sure about the cats but im pretty sure the reason that they “inked” the pigs is actually because pig skin is the closet thing to actual human skin. So they probably used them for practicing tattoos not for the hell of it.

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