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Dexter Season Four Finale Review


I’m certain that all of us who witnessed the series finale of Dexter last night are still in complete and utter shock. It was both heart-breaking and brilliant. The following is an interview with actors Michael C. Hall (Dexter Morgan) and Jonathon Lithgow (Arthur Miller – The Trinity Killer.)

Dexter Morgan and Arthur Miller - "The Trinity Killer"

There is a strong argument that Hall, Lithgow and Jennifer Carpenter (Debrah Morgan) deserve Golden Globe awards – as do the writers, director and creators of the show. This season’s ending is arguably one of the best in the history of modern television, as well as the most shocking. The series can now literally go anywhere. Completely unfathomable how they ended – killing off Rita – Dexter’s wife, the angel; the one person who could turn the monster into a man. Especially after he realizes that unlike Trinity, he is the one good thing – the one constant in the life of his family. He wants to change for them. As he dumps Trinity’s body into the ocean under the moonlit night after murdering him, there’s a moment of sentiment where Dexter reflects that his love, Rita, may very well be looking at the same moon with him from the Keys.

When Dexter returns home from dumping Trinity’s body and received the voicemail from Rita on his cellphone telling him to look outside the window at the moon, for it is special, and she wants to share it with him, we all choked up. It was completely beautiful. At that moment, Dexter was at his highest moment. He had killed his biggest nemesis, he had yet again evaded detection as a serial killer, and his wife and family loved him. In fact, it was hinted that he perhaps shed himself of the “Dark Passenger” for Rita.

What followed was gut-wrenching, horrendous, and shocking. Dexter goes to call his beloved wife (the angelic Rita) and he hears her cellphone ringing from inside the house. The very next thing we hear is their young son, Harrison, crying. What happens next shocked me to the core. Dexter walks into the bathroom to uncover his young son Harrison covered in a pool of blood on the floor just like Dexter had been 2 decades earlier (“Born in blood. Just like me”, Dexter laments); and in the bathtub lied the lifeless corpse of the one person who could have stopped Dexter’s killings. The one person who could have turned beast into man. And now? There very well may be no hope left for Dexter. I imagine the Dark Passenger will completely envelope Dexter’s soul, as the only guiding light in his life – his ray of hope – has been brutally murdered by the evil Trinity Killer; a man who taunted and belittled Dexter (calling him a “child”) right up until Dexter swung the hammer’s end right into his face.

Dexter with his wife and fallen angel, Rita

One thing is for certain – next season will be dark. It will be macabre, and nothing will be the same. I see Dexter becoming a complete sociopathic demon without remorse or restraint as a result of the guilt he feels for being responsible for the death of the one person in his life who could have allowed him to achieve his ultimate fantasy: A real life, as a “normal” person. Here is the final, gut-clenching scene of season four:

What I feel is most disconcerting, is that a show that prides itself so much on subtle foreshadowing, perhaps gave us our biggest clue to Dexter’s future as his father Harry spoke to his subconscious while outside of Trinity’s home during a flashback, “We all know it’s inevitable…Save your family. Sooner or later you’ll be caught and there will be a terrible price to pay for what you’ve done. And long after you’re executed, your name will be branded across their foreheads.”

Right now Dexter is signed on for five seasons. Will next season be the last? Will Quinn’s suspicions of Dexter grow? Will Dexter’s involvement with Arthur Miller’s family, and the fact that he was first on scene (both at the raid of Trinity’s home and Rita’s death) implicate him in the murder of Rita? Will Debra finally find out who her adopted brother really is (and I’m not talking about him just being the brother of the ice truck killer)? We won’t know to September, and damn, I cannot wait.

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