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California – 4th Unemployment Extension Update

From CA’s EDD website:

The Employment Development Department (EDD) has completed most of the complex programming required to file and pay the new extension of Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits enacted by the federal government on November 8, 2009. Testing is underway to ensure the new changes adopted into the 25-30 year old programs will not negatively affect our ability to process and pay benefits on other claims.

To date, that testing is on track and we expect to start processing the new federal extension claims and sending out notices and claim forms to potentially eligible unemployed workers the week of December 14. We anticipate issuing the first two-week checks soon after. We will send and receive claim forms in sequential order to avoid interruptions in payments. Checks will arrive in two-week increments for all eligible weeks of unemployment dating back to November 8, 2009, as long as claimants quickly and accurately complete and return all pertinent claim forms sent to them and the responses on those forms verify eligibility.

All potentially eligible unemployed workers whose claims ran out after November 8, 2009, will be sent notices along with their first two-week continued claim form as soon as the new programming is up and running.

Approximately 94,000 claimants exhausted their available benefits between September 1, 2009 and November 1, 2009. Because of the time that elapsed since these claimants ran out of benefits and when the federal government enacted the new extensions, EDD needs to collect updated claimant and employment-related information to file these claims. These claimants should immediately submit a new application for the extension benefits online. The application for extensions is the same application used to file for regular unemployment insurance benefits.

Those potentially eligible to receive the new extensions with up to 14 more weeks of UI benefits available include those who have exhausted all available unemployment benefits. As of December 9, 2009, EDD estimates 121,000 people in California will have run out of benefits. Those potentially eligible for the new benefits also include those who will run out of their second extension benefits by mid-December, and those who run out of their current FED ED benefits between now and early 2010.

The first eligible week for the new benefits is the week starting Sunday, November 8, 2009. Because the new extensions are not retroactive, they do not apply to any weeks of unemployment prior to the enactment date of November 8, 2009. The Department will file the new extended benefit claims effective November 8, 2009, for those who are eligible.

EDD has received many inquiries from anxious claimants. We are updating our online information on a continual basis so you have the very latest information available. We encourage you to stay informed on developments by monitoring our Web site and following EDD on Twitter. You will also find helpful revised information about the federal extension program in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of our Web site.

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  1. 12 January, 2010 at 15:31

    Well, I just realized that maybe instead of looking for jobs all of this time that I have been claiming my unemployment benefits that I really should have been going back to school. I am realizing that I am a much older adult person now, and that I really should not try to do the type of work that I was doing before, and the other type of work they want more skills. I have skills, but not enough. I can’t compete as well without getting more skills especially at my age so. I think that they should extend unemployment to people who want to go to school. I’m really to old to do both. My memory is not as good and I have to refresh a lot just to go back to school, but I would love to go to school. My kids still need my support, but they have mostly grown up so I can concentrate better on school now. I would make sure that I would be one of the best students. My unemployment is maybe one more check and it has run out and I am about to be homeless. I did not have anything to begin with, but now it is going to be I do not know what. I really need to go to school so that I can find a decent job. There are many teenagers that make more money then I do this is sad. I just need some help and I will do the rest. I am sure that there must be others out there that feel the same way.

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