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You Can Now Buy This Friggin’ Guy a Beer

That’s right, folks.

I have added a little something called the “donation button.” I hatched this idea in a very Charlie Kelly (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) kind of way.

You see, I write. I am also broke, as most writers are (unless your last name is Brown, Koontz or Meyer; Stephanie – and you suck.) I don’t ask for much. No folks, I’m not one of those assholes (*cough, wikipedia, cough*) who needs $1,000,000.01 or some bullshit. All I need is a simple $3.29 + 8.75% CA Sales Tax & CRV a day to support my booze habit.

Beers I recommend (By Continent):

North America: Fat Tire (Domestic Craft Brew – Colorado) – Honorable Mention to Coors Banquet Beer and Samuel Adams Light Lager

El Rey.

South America: Bohemia (Brazilian Bavarian-Style Lager)

Mexican? Not for the purpose of this blog.

Africa: Tusker Beer (Kenyan Lager)

A Cold Bottle of That on a Hot African Dawn

Asia: Any of the India Pale Ales (South Asia) & Asahi (Japan) and Tsingtao (China) Rice Lagers (Eastern Asia)

Australia (Oceania): Hinano (Tahitian Lager)

Antarctica: Russian Imperial Stout. Although Antarctica does not have a brewery, it takes -20°F temperatures to brew specialized versions of this beer with up to 32% ACV! It gets the nod.

An Intimidating Stout. Russian Imperial to be Exact.

Europe: You cannot nail down just ONE European beer. So I’ll do this by country –

  • Great Britain: Newcastle. Boddington’s. Guinness. Murphy’s. Harp. So many…
  • Germany: Hefeweizen. Any kind. The brand literally does not matter.
  • Italy: Peroni.

  • The Netherlands: Heineken. What’d you think I’d say?
  • Bock from Holland

  • Spain: Alhambra or Estrella (tie)


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  1. Cprl. LeDuque Winchester Hamilton, III
    29 October, 2012 at 22:27

    Pardon my error, I failed to make the distinction that Ireland is no longer a part of the UK! I suppose I should’ve said “British Isles” (or just, “Ireland” haha.)

  2. Muss Klan
    15 March, 2012 at 03:33

    Guinness, Murphy’s and Harp it’s not from Great Britain! It’s from Ireland, of course! It’s not a little difference!

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