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If You Don’t Want to Be Mentioned In This Blog; Tell Me.



Apparently some people don’t like being mentioned in my blog. Which is funny, because the only people I have ever explicitly mentioned by name on here are Evan “Thief” Hagen and Ryan “The Gayest Flame” Fleming. Everyone else gets a pseudonym.

Doesn’t matter I guess.

I received a number of alarming text messages last night from “individual x”, who did not appreciate being anonymously featured in a post I did several months ago. Despite the fact that “individual x”s name was not used, there was no picture of his or her face, and the blog did not give away a single detail that might reveal his/her identity, this person remained upset.

What’s also funny, is that I posted a blog 2-3 months ago about how it’s never a good idea to lend money to friends or family. Since then, several people who have been good about paying me back have said they didn’t appreciate the blog. Even though I didn’t call any ONE person out specifically, mention anyone by name, or use any actual examples (they were all fictional, and strictly hypothetical.) In fact, here’s an excerpt from said blog:

“Some people are good men. Some try, but just can’t pull it off in a reasonable time frame. Some are well intentioned, but misguided, and  some are downright shameless. In the end, you should just stay away from borrowing from and/or lending to friends. It destroys far more relationships than it mends. In essence, the cons FAR outweigh the pros.”


How that sentence right there leads someone to text me with, (and I’m paraphrasing): “You’re a bitch. Fuck you. Have fun on your birthday without me.” – Completely blows my mind.

If I would have said:

“Daniel Clarke is a fucking asshole. He has owed me $427.33 for 8 months and 2 weeks. Fuck him. I hope he dies. ps.) Ladies – do NOT have sex with him, he has HIV.”

Then I would understand the text messages (and hatred) I received. But I didn’t do that at all, I kept it anonymous and respectful. I guess it doesn’t matter.

Anyway, the point I am getting it is this: If you do not want to be mentioned in this blog (even with a clever pseudonym disguising your identity), then please let me know. I won’t mention you. Easy as that.

Thank you for your time.

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