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Comic Con: A Collection of FAIL


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…He’s our hero, gonna take pollution down to ZERO! (I’m sorry, I had to… The real Captain Planet would be shamed.)



"The Fiend"

One of the more terrifying characters from Silent Hill. This guy is totally getting laid tonight.



"Meet my girlfriends: Righty and Lefty"

This guy: Keeping the lotion industry profitable since 1971.



"My mom dressed me for Comic Con"

This fellow seems rather enthusiastic about the day of mockery and shame that lies ahead.



"I Came For the Cock"

…And I stayed for the glory hole marathon (in the Twilight corridor bathroom, stall 3.)



Responsible for 10,307 Men Jizzing In Their Pants at Comic Con

Sorry guys (see: nerds, perverts, losers, freaks, pedophiles, et al.), but she will not be sitting on your face this evening.

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