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You People Are Sick


The Average Impeccable Hubris Reader


My blog server (word press) allows me to see which search terms people have used to locate my blog. Please note that it does not identify your names or IP’s though.  (ie: I don’t know who you are, I just know how you got here.)

Anyway, I found it pretty disturbing that these search terms have been leading most people to my blog:

“Anal Sex”

“Cocaine Clit”

“Entourage pussy party patrol strap on”

“Big clit”

“Big dick cum party”

“fucked marriage”

“Pig Face with Peas”

“Sex boys cum fuck”

“hideous Ryan Seacrest”


Half these terms do not even appear on my blog.

I already knew the internet was depraved, and 80%+ of its bandwidth was used to conduct porn searches, view porn, and masturbate to porn… but JESUS!

Yup, these are my readers (Thanks for the line, Bill Simmons.)




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