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Pop Focus – Black Eyed Peas: Shit or Thee Shit?


This band has been around for a long time. Of course, no one gave two shits about them until Fergie joined the cast. The question is, as the title of this post asks: Is their music shitty, or is the shit?

Honestly, it’s a really hard question to answer. I have to admit, while I worked in the retail world, this stuff was played a lot and some of it… well, I kind of dug.

But when they release shit like “I Gotta Feeling” (one of the worst songs of all-time), “My Humps” (audio torture) and “Boom Boom Pow” (equally as horrid), I really have to question whether or not these guys should stop making music. The one thing they really have going for them is Fergie’s vocal range. She sounds like a different vocalist in almost every song they put out. The Black Eyed Peas are one of the few bands out there that make me say, “Who’s this new band?” whenever I hear a new track by them. That has to be worth something.

Case in point: Meet Me Halfway.

It’s actually a pretty catchy and decent track. I had no idea that was Fergie singing when I heard it on the radio today. I said out loud, “Who is this?”

“Black Eyed Peas, duh!” my friend replied. “Wow”, I thought, “Interesting. Not bad at all.”

Don’t get me wrong though, folks. This is NOT my idea of good music. I would NOT buy this single, and I would NEVER purchase ANY of their albums. But in terms of pop, some of their shit is surprisingly groovable (I just invented that word) – “Groovable” (Adj.): Fit to dance to whilst in the club and drinking alcoholic beverages with (attractive) bitches, yo.

Will this song get old? Yes. Do they have other tolerable tracks that I find myself grooving to at the club/bar/lounge? Yes. Has this concession damaged my music credibility? Undoubtedly.

I just thought it was relevant to bring this up because it illustrates a larger picture – the catchiness of the pop machine itself. The “pop machine” churns out song after song, day after day – mostly horrible. But every once and a while something good comes out of it that you just can’t help but bump your head to (Lady GaGa – Poker Face, Britney Spears – Toxic, AFI – Miss Murder.) This begs the question – Do I like pop music? Answering that alone could days and would require far too much time and energy on my part. Plus, I’m not trying to compose a dissertation on music theory, or any roles it may or may not play in my life or your life.

Back to the (original) point – “Meet Me Halfway” is a decent song. Good job. You owed us after the travesty that was “I Gotta Feeling.”

ps) I also like “Clumsy” and “Glamorous” (It should be noted, however, that I only “like” these songs if I’m drunk, and around dimly lit lights and tons of chicks in a club setting.) The end.

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