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Katy Perry is Dangerous

I remember hearing about Katy Perry for the first time last Summer and asking myself, “Who the fuck is Katy Perry?” My buddy, and Adult Amateur Hockey League (AAHL, baby!) teammate Eric “E-Rock” Freidman was her guitarist during her Fall 2008 recording sessions if my memory serves me right (he’s now touring as the lead guitarist for Creed – good for him.)

Anyway, I now know who she is, and she’s pretty attractive.

The sole purpose of this post is to showcase both her breasts, and her awesome dress. The fashion police over at whatever website does fashion news for yahoo! gave her an “F.” What a bunch of dicks.

Look at those fucking spikes!

Look at those fucking spikes!

I give you an “A”, Katy!

Now if only she’d get some class and stop dating dudes with HIV who look like they lick smack off the bottom of dumpsters.

Exhibit "A"

Exhibit "A"


What appears to be Lady Gaga

What appears to be Lady Gaga

Jesu-Fucking-Christo, man!!!, what the fuck is going on!?? This bitch is fucking insane. I wasn’t joking when I told you guys she was the ill-conceived love child of Goddess Bunny, Mickey Avalon and a time machine.


kanye lolzLOLz!!!

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