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The Cured, Rolled Pig Face – Mmm Mmm Good!

I found this post on Holy Taco, and immediately thought of my good friend Chandler. My next thought was, “Holy shit, I need to share this with the world.” ‘The world’ of course being the 4 people that follow my blog regularly.

cured_1I. Start with a pig face (do not ask me how to obtain one – although if I had to guess, I’d say you could probably find it at the local carnicería alongside other horrifying meat products.)


II. Cure the shit outta the fucker. (Note: ‘Curing’ just means cover it on both sides with salt.)


III. Throw in some lemon, thyme, cracked black pepper and ginger. Mmm.

cured_4IV. Roll the face with the tongue and cure this bad boy for five (5) days.

cured_5V. After the five days of curing are complete, unroll this beast and clean it off completely.


VI. Remove any hairs that have been left behind (shave the maw fucka!)


VII. Remove ears and julienne them (Note: “Julienning” is a French word for “slicing thinly into long strips.”) Next,dice the tongue and add thyme, microplane ginger and lemon.


VIII. Roll it all up!


IX. Wrap in a cheese cloth.


X. Cook sous vide-style (I have no idea how you’d get the equipment necessary for this style of cooking, but whatever)  for 72 hours at 150° F.


XI. Cut it open and behold its deliciousness!


XII. As the website I got this from suggests – slice it up, and serve with mustard and beer! Mmm.

Question: If I were to have served you this at a tapas party, would you have eaten it? My guess is that you’d answer “yes.” It’s just like the “Sausage Factor.” If you don’t know how your food is made – then you’re free to enjoy it in all of its endless deliciousness!

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