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More Logos: My Cap Collection

Last week I did a post about my favorite hockey logos. Now it’s time to showcase some of my favorite “lids.” These are the hats I own, as well as a couple I plan on adding to the collection:

Detroit Tigers (American League): A classic old-school look. The old English “D” is one of the sharpest logos in the game.


St. Louis Cardinals (National League): Another classic logo. The interlocking “S”, “T” and “L” make this vintage cap one of the most stylish in the game.


Florida Marlins (National League): One of my favorite modern caps. One of the few designs that incorporate the team’s mascot onto the cap perfectly.


Milwaukee Brewers Throwback (American League): Of of the best throwback logos in baseball. The “m” and “b” come together to form a baseball mit. Classic.


California Angels 60’s Throwback (American League): The Angels first cap after changing their name to “California” from “Los Angeles” in 1964.


California Angels 70’s Throwback (American League): My favorite Angels logo of all-time. This lower-case “a” only lasted two seasons.

lowercase angels

Cal State Fullerton Titans (Big West Conference): My alma mater. How can I not have this hat in my collection?


Update: I have added the Dissizit “CALIFORNIA REPUBLIC” cap to my collection!

And now here’s a couple hats that have yet to be added to my famed collection:

Washington Nationals (National League): A nod to the Washington Senators of yore. This is my favorite cap among modern expansion franchises.


Oakland Athletics (American League): I LOVE this hat. Definitely the most unique color scheme in the game. But alas, as an Angels fan, I just cannot bring myself to purchase this hat.


Philadelphia Phillies Throwback (National League): Out of all the Phillies varied looks over the years, the maroon and powder blue look was my favorite.


Seattle Pilots (American League): Although the Pilots only lasted one season (’69) before moving to Milwaukee and becoming the Brewers, this innovative cap has become one of the most iconic in the game.


Chicago White Sox Throwback (American League): Chicago’s other team has had more looks over the years than I care to count, but this one is by far my favorite.


New York Mets (National League): When the Dodgers and Giants left Brooklyn and New York respectively, and moved West, New York’s new team (the Metropolitans) decided to mix Dodger blue with Giant orange to create this classic look.


Brooklyn Dodgers (National League): Speaking of the Dodgers, I love this hat. But much like the hated Red Sox, I just don’t know if I can rep one of my team’s most hated rivals, no matter how clean that “B” looks.


St. Louis Browns (American League): Much like the Cardinals, I love the interlocking “StL”, and I think the Browns’ “Saint logo” is one of the coolest in the history of baseball. Can’t wait to add this to the collection; it’s just gonna be a bitch finding things to match it with!

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