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Golden State Party: Old Fashioned California Racism

Leave it to Orange County, CA (my home) and birthplace of the famed “Minute Men” to found the Golden State Political Party – An all-white political party for the advancement of the white race, and the expulsion of the “brown man” from California.

"If it aint white - It aint right!"

"If it aint white - It aint right!"

Founded on the tenants of an all-white state free of illegal (see: Hispanic) immigration, this disgusting display of blatant racism is operating under the guise of “equal rights” for white citizens. They base their beliefs of hilarious non-sequiturs like “If blacks and hispanics can have pride, why can’t whites?” and “Illegal immigration is destroying our great state.”


The Golden State Party: Because nothing says American liberty quite like, “Get the fuck out of California unless you’re an Aryan.” It’s funny how these ultra-conservative (and racist) political groups in Orange County blame the woes of the economy on immigrants. Because, and correct me if I’m wrong, American capitalism was built on immigrant labor – and I’m 99% certain that the founder of this political party is a descendant of an immigrant (unless he’s one helluva white-washed Algonquin.)

What the fuck is wrong with people? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not exactly thrilled that there are people illegally crossing our borders. But if they’re coming here for legitimate reasons (see: to hustle in front of Home Depot), then more power to them. But if they’re coming here to grow herb in the Sequoia National Forest -then fuck ’em. But let’s be fair, I’d say that less than 5% of “illegals” are here committing criminal acts above your basic infraction (driving without insurance) or misdemeanor (overstaying a visa.)

God, racism pisses me off.

When will these assholes learn? Hispanics have always been a part of California, and they’re here to stay.

***Disclaimer: Impeccable Hubris should not be considered a legitimate source of information on the Golden State Party or its beliefs. We do not consider ourselves valid journalists, and do not report facts, so much as we do opinions. It is my opinion that this political party is full of shit, and mind-boggling racist. I will give them credit for their carefully-worded mission statement that effectively uses euphemism after euphemism to confuse what their true objective is: Cleanse California of non-whites, and perpetuate a lack of minority representation in the State Congress.

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  2. Henry
    16 October, 2009 at 14:59

    Good deal.

  3. leduque
    14 October, 2009 at 21:24

    Well then my blog has served its purpose: Entertainment. That’s all it is really. I’m no pundit, I just try to get people talking. Mission: Accomplished. Cheers mate.

  4. Henry
    14 October, 2009 at 16:36

    HAHAHAHA Boiled cabbage! Truth. It really isn’t a personal vendetta against just the Mexicans (illegal). It is just that their presence is so prevalent in California. I can’t be frustrated with groups that I have little to no contact with and who make up a minor percentage of the illegal population. It really is an epidemic that people would prefer to sweep under the rug. Either way, we aren’t going to change each others mind on the subject, but the exchange has been entertaining.

  5. leduque
    13 October, 2009 at 17:11

    My views on this state aren’t quite as dismal as yours, but certainly agree that we’re not exactly a shining beacon of hope. And yeah, I’ve heard of “white flight”, but generally more in the context of whites leaving neighborhoods (not states) due to an influx of minorities.

    I frankly don’t care what Mexicans and other Latin American immigrants chose to do with their time. The only Mexicans that don’t bother to learn our language are those who are too old to care. But the same goes for Vietnamese, Polish, Italian and Greek grandparents of friends I know.

    The parents didn’t bother to learn the language (or assimilate), but their children did. And now their grandchildren (my friends) are as white-washed and American as they come.

    I don’t think it matters what country you come from – it takes about two generations to assimilate. I mean, most Asians I know (Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc.) are whiter than me… but their parents? Sure they speak English, but they haven’t assimilated culturally (I have to take my shoes off in their homes that smell of boiled cabbage that are decorated with Buddhist sculptures), and they haven’t quite figured out how to separate their “R’s” from their “L’s.”

    And the grandparents in those families are as FOB as they come! They don’t speak a word of English, nor do they care to. I personally think you’re being too hard on Mexicans. Must be a personal thing. Either way, I don’t get it.

  6. Henry
    13 October, 2009 at 14:31

    I realize the other ridiculous tax outrages that exist, and I think it is funny that we have come from a group of colonists that literally killed British tax collectors for their audacity to tax our modern equivalent of Starbucks. Now we just show up in flash mob fashion and wear tea-bags. Weak.

    Really, my argument isn’t so much about the tax burden imposed by illegals, it is really about allowing another incompatible culture settle in and refuse to assimilate. It is a “culture war” thing. The softer California is on illegal immigration and the harder they make it on the business man with taxes, the quicker the producers will leave the state. California might as well slip into the Pacific and become Nevada and Arizona’s continental shelf.

    I’m sure you have heard of “white flight” where many caucasians are leaving California due to the influx of immigrants (legal and illegal). Many consider a move out of state on these grounds to be “racist”, but I disagree. Mankind will always seek to spend the majority of his time in the company of similar people. Its not just color or heritage, its politics and social class. You have to admit that California has become the laughing-stock of the rest of the United States. We really can’t get anything right.

  7. leduque
    13 October, 2009 at 00:06

    “By the way, do you even know how poorly the illegals from El Salvador and other central and south American countries are treated in Mexico? Well, first they are often greeted by gunfire at the border, along with Federali attack dogs. If they make it though that hellstorm, they are shamed, beaten, loathed and outed to Mexican law enforcement by the Mexican citizens. We are pretty mellow. Just a thought.”

    It’s funny you mention that. I have a Mexican buddy, and he tells me that Guatemalans are the “Mexicans” of Mexico. I believe they call them “Chuntaros” (sp) and hate them with great vigor.

    So I guess every nation has another nation (and their citzens) to hate. America hates Mexicans, Mexico hates Guatemalans, and Guatemala probably hates Nicaraguans… the cycle of hate seemingly goes on forever. Oh well, my stance is just to be nice to others and hope they can return the favor.

    As for your (and my) tax dollars… There’s WAY more appalling things being done with them then what you allege. I’d focus my rage elsewhere if I were you. Illegal Mexican immigrants are low on the totem pole of income tax rape that we’re currently suffering. TARP was pretty unforgivable, but my gripes don’t end there… But that’s another rant for another day. I don’t want to wear myself out; I have to get up early and earn a living tomorrow.

  8. Henry
    12 October, 2009 at 16:46

    The broad strokes you accuse me of painting has just been used by yourself to create that tear-jerker. It actually reminded me of this clip, 28 seconds into it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chp2u2ln8_E

    I think people who gush sympathy every sad plight that is dealt upon the globe suffer from some sort of OCD complex. Just because people suffer in another country doesn’t obligate my citizenry to provide compulsory shelter and charity. Our founding fathers were scoffed at and considered unrefined simpletons by the British Crown, yet they assembled a group of brilliant men and appealed to the French for aid in a revolution. If Mexicans had the dignity and pride to organize and appeal to the US government to help crush cartels and corrupt government officials, I would re-enlist to further the cause. (After all, a stable Mexico is in our best interest).

    My point being, you just want to enable them (we have been through this before). They don’t want to work for a better Mexico when they can have it easy here with complimentary healthcare, food stamps and school (which is really just a free childcare program). We will always have a disgusting 3rd world nation at our southern border if we continue to enable these people.

    I really don’t have time to feel sorry for every global disaster, case of civil unrest, Global Warming, etc. Every human is allotted a specific amount of emotional energy to expend. The majority of mine goes to family and friends, the remainder goes to America. I am realistic. Liberals love to pretend they care about Darfur, illegals, the war in Iraq, but at the end of the day, they sleep just fine, having been satisfied enough by wearing the “global concern” trend of the week shirt they got at Urban Outfitters, and having had some half-assed discussion with the cashier at Starbucks about “global issues”, or puked their opinion on their twitter, myspace, facebook, blog, or whatever.

    I know them as illegals, because I don’t pretend to be some sort of anthropologist, treating them like some sort of fascinating study in human perseverance. Of course I’ve worked alongside of illegals, I’ve heard their stories of hardship, I recognize that many are hardworking, and I agree with you, they have a great sense of humor. However, I believe that our sovereignty, culture and linguistic cohesion (what little left we have) should not be diluted and further destroyed by a people that are overtly rejecting our traditions and history (and not speaking English drives me nuts). We should not do this in the name of charity and good will. By the way, do you even know how poorly the illegals from El Salvador and other central and south American countries are treated in Mexico? Well, first they are often greeted by gunfire at the border, along with Federali attack dogs. If they make it though that hellstorm, they are shamed, beaten, loathed and outed to Mexican law enforcement by the Mexican citizens. We are pretty mellow. Just a thought.

  9. leduque
    11 October, 2009 at 20:16

    “What do you like so much about illegals?”

    When you label each and every Hispanic immigrant who wasn’t fortunate enough to have the money, resources or luck to enter this country legally as an “illegal”, you dehumanize them. You don’t look at them as: Chuey and Maria, the hard-working couple with five jobs between them that escaped the drug wars of Culican to come to America and earn decent wages in a city like Anaheim, that is basically Beverly Hills compared to the slum in which they fled.

    Or how about Manny, the enthusiastic soccer fan who hid inside of a wooden box as a stowaway from Cuba to Mexico, and then crossed the border into America to flee Castro’s Cuba?

    I’ve met your so-called “illegals” and know them on a personal level. They’re funny, hard-working, deeply religious and have strong family values. They bust their asses cleaning up vomit and shit at 3am from the bar you and your fellow Poles were probably getting shit-faced at to celebrate the Dodgers winning the ALDS. Do they complain? Nope. They collect their $4.25/hr, go home and sleep for 2 hours, then report to the construction site at 6am.

    You obviously don’t know any Hispanic immigrants on a personal level. All you know is the menacing “Vato Loco” stereotype that accosted you at Dodger Stadium. Or perhaps the family in the minivan with the “Hecho en Guerrero” sticker that was driving 45 mph in the car pool lane.

    I know these people as humans. With names. And lives. And families. And a story.

    You know them as “illegals.” Just anonymous brown faces that disgust you. It’s shameful, really.

    And why the fuck do you keep calling me a “liberal”? I’m as conservative as they come. I believe in lower taxes, less government, and more freedom. End of story.

  10. Henry
    8 October, 2009 at 17:31

    I applaud your firm grasp on Mexican states and Central and South American countries.

    You are the one who is guano loco. You can’t seem to get over the reality that most illegals happen to come from our southern border. I’m positive that the percentage of sex slaves/ exploited women (kind of redundant) and illegals from all European countries combined, is a drop in the bucket (let’s go with lake) as compared with illegals from:

    “*From Mexico?
    *From Latin America?
    *From Latin + South America?
    *From Baja California Norte, Durango, Sonora, Guerrero, Chihuahua, Michoacán, Tamaulipas, Nuevo León, San Luis Potosí, Sinaloa, Guanajuato, Jalisco and Quintana Roo?
    *From Columbia?
    *From Guatemala?”

    I guess your list was left wanting so you decided to cite Mexico twice beginning with the country and later adding every state. Whatever.

    Well I’m done… I think. You have employed every desperate measure to discredit me, from suggesting my degree does not make me eligible to have an opinion and/or solidly debate the issue of immigrants and the economy. You have called me a racist (which is undeserved, I haven’t used any racial slurs or presented racist ideals).

    Classic liberal strategy: enter a fight ill-equipped with only idealistic “we are the world” stances and arguments, and when confronted with the ugly reality, you throw around accusations of racism.

    I really just want this question answered, because apparently you are only capable of expressing your baseless opinion (which is fine, I just would never hire you to represent me in court) and this question is free of any commitments to facts:

    What do you like so much about the illegals?

    At the end of the day, do they end up in the liability column or the asset column?

  11. leduque
    7 October, 2009 at 20:57

    Quick question, did you mean:

    A. Illegal immigrants* create a disproportionate amount of crime.
    B. Illegal immigrants* are a tax burden.
    C. Illegal immigrants* create barrios wherever they set up shop.
    D. Illegal immigrants* do not instill in their children a value for education.
    E. Illegal immigrants* refuse to assimilate and speak English.
    F. Illegal immigrants* bring deplorable cultural norms, having come from a country with ludicrous age of consent laws.

    *From Mexico?

    *From Latin America?

    *From Latin + South America?

    *From Baja California Norte, Durango, Sonora, Guerrero, Chihuahua, Michoacán, Tamaulipas, Nuevo León, San Luis Potosí, Sinaloa, Guanajuato, Jalisco and Quintana Roo?

    *From Columbia?

    *From Guatemala?

    …Or did you mean:

    *From former Soviet Republics (Poland, anyone?) – But then again, who cares about sex trafficking and the exploitation and slavery of women from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Bloc? Because hey, – FUCK BEANERS!, Right?

  12. Henry
    7 October, 2009 at 17:06

    Yeah, I could see this coming. You turned this into a public dick length contest. Congrats on your work towards an economics and finance degree. For a person with such an affinity for numbers and stats, I would think you would employ them more in your arguments. But once again, that isn’t the intent of your blog. You aren’t providing information so much as burping up mindless entertainment (bland and generic… Again, if I wanted to read this BS, I’d go to Cracked.com). I’m certain that what little readership you do have, a low percent will consider cross checking your wild and irresponsible assertions.

    I think it is interesting that you knock all the other degrees out there. If you really do some investigation, most business owners and successful folks have those very degrees. Number crunchers are expendable, creativity and prudence are not.

    So while you knock my degree (I enjoyed my courses, teachers, and studies), I sit with a high degree of job security. No opportunities for gainful employment? True, maybe not as an accountant.

    So far, despite your self-appointed authority status on immigration and the economy, you haven’t proven anything. You just vomit a bunch of distractive comments about my views and commentary, never refuting them with facts (just drivel), followed by some personal experience about knowing people around you. This isn’t a discussion about your experience. This is a discussion about a reality, the effects (I say negative, so do crime and tax stats) of illegal immigration.

    Here is your homework, Numberman. I said:
    A. Illegal immigrants create a disproportionate amount of crime.
    B. Illegal immigrants are a tax burden.
    C. Illegal immigrants create barrios wherever they set up shop.
    D. Illegal immigrants do not instill in their children a value for education.
    E. Illegal immigrants refuse to assimilate and speak English.
    F. Illegal immigrants bring deplorable cultural norms, having come from a country with ludicrous age of consent laws.

    Can you refute these statements? Not if you have a conscience. I mean hell, you are from Southern California. Any one of these is a valid reason to send them back. To bad most people are to PC. We wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings right?

    As for your dissertation, sure, send it to me when you finish it. By the way, dissertations require lots of scholarly research and fact citation. I feel a man like you could manage it after a couple research and writing workshop classes (not creative writing, you are very creative).

  13. leduque
    7 October, 2009 at 13:03

    “I have my college degree, there is no chip on my shoulder.[Really?, because you seem pretty envious and misanthropic towards fellow graduates.]

    I’m well aware of the requirements to get a diploma. Not difficult.[Not difficult? Maybe for a fucking history degree. But for something a little more legitimate, like say a business degree, it’s certainly no cake walk.]

    It never ceases to amaze me, the overwhelming sense of “accomplishment” that college graduates exude for getting the modern equivalent of a High School GED.[Perhaps your most amusing faulty analogy to date. Did you really just compare a Bachelor’s degree to a GED? That’s laughable. Stop being such a self-loathing prick.]

    I’m a realist and recognize that the college diploma (including my history degree) is, to quote Winston Churchill, “just a piece of paper”. I was surrounded by pseudo-intellectuals like you for 4 years.” [Congratulations for completing a degree with absolutely no potential for gainful long-term employment my friend. Why did you even attend college? For the parties? History, Communications, Psychology, Sociology, English Lit, Liberal Arts and Criminology have got to be the most useless degrees on the planet.]

    And what the FUCK is someone with a HISTORY DEGREE [LMFAO] debating the economic impact of immigration with me [A FINANCE/ECONOMICS MAJOR]?

    Dude, I’m not going try to argue with you over whether or not the use of Hessians by the British Army was a legitimate strategy in the Revolutionary War, so please don’t attempt to speak to me about things of which you know not. I have a firm grasp on economics, and once I complete my MBA [Which, according to you, is the modern equivalent of what – an AA degree?], I’ll let you take a look at my dissertation on the net positive benefits of the Hispanic labor force in California.

    You can use it for toilet paper if you want, but I’ll be sure to send it your way nonetheless, Henry.

    One last thing – I would like to believe that someone who majored in History would be a little more pragmatic and sympathetic towards the plight of those who came to this country for greener pastures. Guess not.

    ps) You’re fucking batshit insane, bro. Yeah, I said it. Not only are you a relentless prick, but you’re also out of your god damn mind. For someone who takes such offense to the Nazi’s hatred of the Jews, I find it appalling that you yourself hate Hispanics to almost the same degree (minus the genocide part, I hope.)

    Anyway, good luck to you and the Golden State Party next election. I wonder which will have a higher total – my average monthly blog hits, or your total number of votes. Either way – they both promise to be in the hundreds.

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot – Go fuck yourself.

  14. Henry
    6 October, 2009 at 14:20

    I have my college degree, there is no chip on my shoulder. I’m well aware of the requirements to get a diploma. Not difficult. It never ceases to amaze me, the overwhelming sense of “accomplishment” that college graduates exude for getting the modern equivalent of a High School GED. I’m a realist and recognize that the college diploma (including my history degree) is, to quote Winston Churchill, “just a piece of paper”. I was surrounded by pseudo-intellectuals like you for 4 years.

    Yes… I am “overwhelmed” by you logic, facts, and grip on reality. You are ridiculous. What facts, logic, and grip are you referring to? You haven’t provided a fact except for your Cal State university demographics (which I’m hoping isn’t another one of your ballpark stats). Logic? Thank you Aristotle. Let me know when your next logic course is starting at the Lyceum. As for your grip on reality… I think the the only grip you have is a solid grip on moral and cultural relativism.

    You only select a couple things to touch on from my statements, selecting the trivial, such as taking the opportunity to consult wikipedia to determine the sort alleged fallacy I used. Let me assure you, I don’t really think that I will win an argument by personally attacking you; I just really think you are a fucking moron.

    No, it is not too bad that my family escaped from the systematic termination of millions of human lives. I don’t need to empathize with El Salvadorians. Their struggle does not hold a candle to the Holocaust. Rather insulting actually. Nice try though! I don’t have hate for people, just non-productive lifestyles and lawlessness. I want the laws on our books to be enforced with extreme vigilance. I want non-producers out. Period.

    Continue what it is that you do… what is that anyway? Kidding yourself that your blog and writing style isn’t inane and generic? Impeccable-Cracked-Hubris? At least your Blogs name is a fitting description of your persona.

  15. leduque
    5 October, 2009 at 22:41

    “You are the typical college student. So I’m supposed to recognize you as some sort of economic studies authority because you took one class? It the most nauseating thing ever, all the college know-it-alls, who simply regurgitate information they just heard in class and report it as self discovered fact (or a fact in any capacity)”

    Haha… damn man, you sure do have a chip on your shoulder. I don’t know what your reasons are for not going to college, but you shouldn’t have such an inferiority complex towards those that did/do. And for someone who criticizes “generalizations”, you sure do have a hard time avoiding them in your rants. Pot? Kettle? Black? I’d say so.

    What do you think higher education is for? Producing athletes and entertaining the nation on Saturdays during Fall? Come on, you should know better. You need a lot more than “one class” to graduate with a degree in Business Administration, and it takes a lot more than “one class” to major in Finance while minoring in Economics.

    Also, where are “Facts” supposed to come from? Because I’m fairly certain that the “facts” that the racists over at the Golden State Party were read somewhere, which ironically is where I get my facts – reading. Who knew?

    You’re a laugh a minute my friend, and you seem clearly frustrated with my overwhelming degree of logic, facts, and grip on reality. I mean, “punk”?, “Fuck you”? You’re better than that. No need for the ad hominem nonsense here, dude.

    One last thing – it’s too bad your family came here from Poland, and not say, El Salvador. You’d probably be a lot more sympathetic, and a lot less belligerent. Hate will get you nowhere. So, continue to blind yourself with ignorance and Limbaughian rhetoric, and I’ll continue to do what it is that I do.

    …Man, you crack me up.

  16. Henry
    5 October, 2009 at 21:49

    You are the over-generalizer. Your arguments are made based solely upon your small bubble of personal experiences that fail to reflect reality. I’ve already made the assumption that you are white, so naturally, most of the Hispanics you know are going to be “pretty whitewashed” (another word for not displaying stereotypical foreign traits). When some dopey Italian/ German/ Russian dude moves to America, and finally sets down his puma tennis shoes, soccer jerseys, and Euro-trash sunglasses and develops a firm command of the English language and American culture, we don’t label him “white washed”, they become more “American”. That’s just the problem. The Hispanics in this country don’t want a slice of the American dream, just an extension of their familiar squalor back home, only with welfare and other government assistance. Don’t believe me? Look at their communities. They are run down and garbage littered. They are in control of their surroundings and yet, they continue to throw trash in the street just like back home. Of course I know you will scoff and discredit the majority of my correspondence as BS and call me a racist.

    You are the typical college student. So I’m supposed to recognize you as some sort of economic studies authority because you took one class? It the most nauseating thing ever, all the college know-it-alls, who simply regurgitate information they just heard in class and report it as self discovered fact (or a fact in any capacity). I hope you also learned about wages and labor pools. Naturally no American citizen (not just white, any citizen) is not going to work for garbage wages with zero benefits. If we enforced existing immigration laws, illegals would leave (or removed), and farmers are forced to pay a better wage. Yeah, so my vegetables and fruit prices will go up. Big deal. Cheap labor isn’t cheap when we are burdened with ridiculous taxes with zero assistance from the illegals. I’d rather pay more for produce than float a bunch of freeloaders. I also solidly reject your suggestions that the bulk of the monstrous California economy was built upon the backs of illegals. What a joke.

    Again, you report YOUR schools demographics. Your school is not representative of the entire state of California. Here, since you refuse to actually do research and prefer your own uneducated guesses, I have provided a link so you can see California stats on college attendance by demographics. http://www.cpec.ca.gov/StudentData/AttendOptions.asp

    “Come on man, today’s Mexican is yesterdays BLAH BLAH BLAH….” Yeah too bad all the immigrants that came to America in droves in the early days (including my grandparents), were practicing their English on the boat over. They then “Americanized” their name, and only spoke English in their home to their children. Big difference pal. Mexicans are the most obstinate immigrants we have ever had. They refuse to assimilate, much less learn English, which would benefit them greatly. (why learn English when you can press 2 for Spanish?) Your suggestion is as cowardly as it gets: roll over and take it. And don’t EVER call me a fucking NAZI you punk. My family came from Poland to escape the NAZIs. Just call me a racist and a NAZI when your arguments suck. Fuck you.

  17. leduque
    22 September, 2009 at 05:37

    I literally just laughed out loud. That was a hilarious rant you just produced there. As always, I don’t even know where to begin. So many faulty analogies and brazen generalizations to tackle…

    Let me attempt to shoot down some of your assumptions:

    I. Elitist? Hardly. I’m no white collar, Nancy Pelosi-votin’, Marin County-livin’, Range Rover drivin’, Stanford-educated intellectual. Just a blue collar Californian trying to make ends meet.

    II. In college, I studied the economic impact of immigrants. It’s a lot less dire than you think. In fact, there’s actually a net positive to the economy that’s produced by immigrant labor. I’m sure you’ve heard that California has the “7th-Largest Economy in the World”? Well, how do you figure that happened? I think our enormous agricultural industry may have had something to do with it. Of course, all those folks out there in the fields are white though, so my point is moot.

    Also, do you even actually know where your tax dollars go? Have you looked into it? Written your assemblyman or woman? Your congressman? Do you care?

    III. Most second or third generation Hispanics I know are pretty damn white-washed. Hell, they may drive Chevy’s and enjoy the occasional futbol game, but beyond that, they’re a far cry from the “Viva La Raza” beaners you described in your amusing rant. Sure, they’ll bust out a fiesta on Holidays (which seems pretty damn American to me), but they certainly aren’t having siesta every day with this so called “cerveza” you accuse them of enjoying in lieu of gainful employment.

    IV. I’m not even going to touch the drug user argument. As someone who appreciates a lot of the ideals the Libertarian Party stands for, the one “right” I can’t stand them sticking up for is that of the dope smoker. Isn’t booze enough for people? Guess not.

    V. Only Asians go to college, right? I mean, maybe it’s just an anomaly, but the racial demographics that made up my campus (Cal State Fullerton), were approximately: 50% White, 30% Hispanic, 15% Asian, <5% Black, American Indian, Other. But again, Fullerton is probably just an isolated exception to your rule, because hell, most wabs are too busy shopping for wife beaters and souping up their Impalas to go to school, right?

    Oh wait, didn't our Supreme Court just appoint a Hispanic Justice too? Ouch.

    Come on, man. America is a melting pot. Just think of it this way: Mexican is the new Italian, er, Guinea. Or is it WOP? Dago, maybe? Either way, in a couple decades there will be a new flood of immigrants to hate. The faster you accept this fact, the faster you'll be able to enjoy life and stop fixating on your crusade to fashion California into Nazi Germany Redux.

  18. Henry
    22 September, 2009 at 01:41

    Well there are those who come out and plainly insult someone and there are those who disguise their insults and patronization. You are trying to appear “understanding” when you claim you “used” to have a similar viewpoint as me. And it is insulting because your tone smacks of elitism. So basically, you “used” to be as ignorant, close-minded and “racist” as me, harboring poorly conceived and illogical beliefs, but then you became some enlightened being. I don’t think so, amigo. I have considered all points and stances. What I believe is based upon facts, not emotions like you. People like you promote what “feels good” and what “seems nice”, not considering the negative repercussions of using emotion to make a decision.

    I recognize that the plight of the illegal is rough, at times horrible. I have seen their struggle and understand many have good intentions. I recognize their humanity. But quite frankly, I don’t give a flying fuck. Why? Because true Americans are more important. I shouldn’t have to work extra hard to pay my taxes for a bunch of people who squeeze out a half dozen more welfare recipient drop outs who won’t learn my language or fly my flag.

    As for being an enabler, hell yes you are. And so is the San Francisco local government. You are effectively removing all dangers and consequences (HIV, jail, deportation)for poor behavior, rewarding it with perks, ie., welfare, free meals, and shelter. Why would they strive to get out of a rut when there is zero incentive to do so? I don’t care if heroin users are getting Hep report cards or HIV. I don’t have sex with users and bums or indulge in casual sex, so I’m not at risk. And we shouldn’t treat terminally ill drug users in our hospitals. Let them die. Put them in some holding bay til they expire from their self inflicted illness. Or let them sign a waiver and just shoot them, and not with smack, but with 115 grains of lead and copper. What did a drug user ever do for you?

    And for the illegals, if I could push a button, and have them all returned to their various corners of the globe I would, but not before I built a 25 foot wall.

    I despise all forms of illegal entrance, be it by planes, trains, automobiles, boats, expired visas etc. But I loathe the Hispanics even more because of their down right obstinance to assimilate in any form. Its not about color. Its about values. Asians come here, assimilate, learn English, go to school, then more school, then more school, and make money and contribute to the economy. Hispanic immigrants (even the legal ones)? They come here, make bebes, ignore English, get crappy jobs, deceitfully collect welfare and other handouts, blow money on stupid cars and cerveza, make more bebes, purchase false identification documents (and fucking up peoples credit and reputation) and send their money home after having even more bebes for free by using an emergency room as a free health care plan. They are leeches. Any questions?

  19. leduque
    19 September, 2009 at 22:07

    I have to concede that it’s pretty hard to take you seriously when you label those who disagree with your political beliefs as “morons.” Do I disagree with your stance on Hispanic immigrants? Yes. Do I think you’re a “moron”? No.

    Let me ask you something: Do you just hate Hispanic immigrants? Or do you also despise those who come here from Asia by boat? Or how about European immigrants who overstay their visas?

    Also, I can assure you I’m not an “enabler.” The only thing heroin addicts should be supplied with is methadone. And for the record, the reason governments such as San Francisco’s supply addicts with clean needles is to stop the spread of HIV and Hep C, and reduce the burden on their health care systems. I don’t think it has anything to do with perpetuating their addiction.

  20. Henry
    19 September, 2009 at 09:38

    I’ll admit, I’m a pretty unapologetic person in general… but racist? No, I just call it like I see it. I haven’t used any racial slurs to describe the willful second class citizens that stain our once great Republic, but if I am labeled a racist, it is because people have become so PC that they choose to ignore a Mexican Hat Dance of blatant facts before their Multi-Culturalist, Cultural-Relativist eyeballs.

    You are correct to assume that you won’t change my mind concerning this grave issue, despite working construction, and various other menial labor jobs along-side these alleged noble beings. Sure, we all put on our game face at our jobs… hell, its in our best interest to hold our jobs. Not to mention, an illegal with a steady income not resorting to “hustlin” at Home Depot is already a leg up on other illegals. The only people who complain incessantly at work are those who get canned in 5 days.

    The reason the illegals didn’t rise up in their native land is simple. I think it boils down to two reasons.

    A.) Their nationalistic pride is phony… (AKA they are lazy and cowardly)
    B.) Morons like you are enablers. People like you also provide the heroin addicts with clean needles, a free meal, and a bed. Why kick the habit when all the inconveniences and hazards are removed by “humanitarian” folks?

    I’m familiar with Anaheim… Anacrime? Thank you Mexico. I hail from La Mirada. Great place, I wish I could have stayed there forever.

    As for the blacks, our forefathers BOUGHT them legitimately (at the time), and from BLACK slave traders. Wikipedia that one, and do scholarly research. Blacks were sold into the sickening life that is slavery by their brethren. They just want more apologies and reparations for crimes that were not committed by anyone living upon victims that have long been in the grave. Case in point: they are content as second class citizens because it allows them the “opportunity” to get handouts and other guilt (an unjustifiable guilt) induced benefits. I have never owned slaves. And no blacks living in America has been an American slave. Once again, enablers have reduced the blacks to a spoiled rotten, entitled, helpless and obstinate teenaged child.

    Personal responsibility and the rejection of the idea of being a victim creates money, self confidence, and ultimately respect.

  21. leduque
    19 September, 2009 at 02:35

    Henry, it’s pretty clear to me that you’re an unapologetic racist. I have no idea how this came to be, or why it is you choose to hate an entire race of people based off of manufactured stereotypes and misguided frustration.

    My father is also a wab-hating conservative, and we’ve had many debates over whether or not Hispanic immigrants to this country contribute more than they take away. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s pretty damn difficult to sway someone’s (political) opinion on a hot button issue once their mind is made up, and as I mentioned in my last reply to you, the only reason I stopped being a racist, minute man-esque opponent of Hispanic migrants is because I actually started working alongside them and realized that they work hard at shit jobs, for little pay, and don’t complain.

    I agree with you on your assertion that they need to rise the fuck up and make some changes south of the border, and it completely boggles my mind as to why there’s been no “Revolucion” down there. Maybe it’s because it’s a lot easier to sneak across a border to make an honest buck than it is to risk your life attempting to overthrow and/or protest your corrupt government? I’m no political scientist, so I really don’t know why the people of Mexico don’t do something about their elected officials.

    All I can tell you is that I grew up in an area heavily populated by Hispanics (Atwood, near Anaheim, California – wikipedia it), and most of the guys I went to school with either joined the Marines, the Army, or now own their own landscaping or construction businesses. Their parents may have snuck into this country illegally, but their children (who are legal) are living the capitalist dream, and are paying taxes, making good money and contributing to society. Did a few become “vatos” and join a gang? Sure, but they only represent a very small percentage of the population as a whole.

    I have no idea where you’re from, or where your hatred stems from – but as a white man who has grown up around Hispanics his whole life – I have nothing but respect for them.

    Also – why the hatred for blacks? It’s not like they came here illegally. Our forefathers stole them from Africa, and now they’re apart of our society. If they weren’t treated as second-class citizens up until the 1960’s, then maybe they’d be a little more advanced as a culture. Just think about that.

  22. Henry
    18 September, 2009 at 09:26

    I’m guessing you are white, considering your pandering and apologetic tone toward minorities that happen to be a drain on a nation of waning greatness. And I’ll assume, (with my assertion that you are white), that your experience with more white criminals than minorities, has a direct correlation with the fact that birds of a feather flock together. Naturally a white person will know more whites personally who have entanglements with the law. I will exempt Asians from any criminal blanket statements because they are an exception to the rule, but the numbers speak volumes, AKA statistical facts, that blacks and “Latinos” account for a disproportionate amount of crime when considering their race.

    Lets examine the higher rates of crimes that whites (according to you) account for.

    A.) DUI…. Hmmmmm I’m pretty sure that all races enjoy strong drink beyond a level of responsibility and still hop behind the wheel. (Again, you probably know more whites anyway, and probably don’t maintain a close relationship with Armando the stoic pizza joint dish-washer.)

    B.)Domestic violence…. Considering that Mexicans celebrate a culture of “machismo” where female subservience is not expected, but demanded via violencia by virtue of their cultural norm, I’ll make a gentleman’s bet you are just fibbing. Blacks like pimp slappin’ hoes too, it is celebrated in their songs… I also hear they make great dads.

    C.)Tax evasion…. Well, for illegal Mexicans… do they even have a choice to evade taxes? They do by default. And for black welfare recipients (who account for more welfare check cashing than whites, despite a makeup of 12% of the US population), what taxes could they evade?

    D.)Marijuana possession… I don’t think this is an issue for really anyone considering in most cases it is a simple ticket.

    Back to the whole, “I have yet to meet an unemployed Hispanic who is in this country for the sole purpose of being in a gang, doing drugs and collecting welfare”, once again, you are speaking from a very sheltered frame of reference. Unless you are living in the barrio or are working with law enforcement, I don’t think a guy who has time to write a blog has much interaction with gang members or criminals.

    To answer your bleeding heart question: if I had a family in some shit hole country, and my neighbors and government were trying to fuck me every chance possible, I would rise up and fight them. I would not cease to fight until I won or I was dead. That is the attitude that established the greatest nation on the planet (the USA). These fucking illegals have zero interest or respect for the unparalleled greatness that is the USA. They continue to wave the Mexican flag, slap “Hecho en Mexico” stickers on their shitty vans, show complete apathy to the prospect of learning English, and have zero desire to assimilate. They wear shirts that set Che Guevara upon a golden pedestal, and they celebrate his “glorious” revolution, yet they lack the balls to change their own beloved Mexico from within. They are lazy. They are cowards. They are not welcome here.

  23. leduque
    11 September, 2009 at 04:48

    Wow. I don’t even know where to begin.

    First, allow me to apologize for misusing the phrase “non sequitur.” It was a poor decision on my part to improperly apply that expression to a rhetorical question.

    Secondly, let me get one thing clear: This blog does not exist for any reason other than giving me an outlet to express whatever thoughts or opinions I may have on any given day. Also, I get really bored at night, and this is an excellent time and boredom killer. I’m not here to appeal to a broad audience, nor am I here to advance any political ideology or cause – be it liberal or conservative.

    Third and finally, I used to be a part of the “Fuck illegals and send ’em back to their god forsaken country” crowd. I thought they were all lazy wabs who were here sucking our social services dry and committing crimes out in the street.

    Then I got a job as a pizza delivery guy. I worked with a Cuban immigrant who made his way to America through Mexico. He worked as a cleaner 4am to 1pm, and then came to work at our pizza place from 3pm to midnight. He was paid cash ($5/hr) to wash dishes, clean the toilets, and mop the floors. He never complained, he always did his job to the best of his ability, and he was the hardest-working member of our team.

    I have had dozens more experiences with Hispanics from many other countries (Mexico, Guatemala, Columbia, El Salvador, etc.) and they have all been the most decent, hard-working, humble and optimistic individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I have yet to meet an unemployed Hispanic who is in this country for the sole purpose of being in a gang, doing drugs and collecting welfare.

    And let me pose a question to you: If you were from an impoverished village with no schools, no clean water and a very low life expectancy, wouldn’t you do anything and everything in your power to take care of yourself and your family? Lord knows I would.

    Please try to be a little more open-minded and avoid these absurd stereotypes. Sure, there are Hispanics who commit crime. But there are also Blacks, whites and Asians who are guilty of being criminals. Also, I’ve known more white criminals (See: DUI, domestic violence, tax evasion, marijuana possession, etc.) then I have minorities.

    It’s simply ignorant to blame the woes of our state on minorities, when our current economic climate was created by rich white men.

  24. Henry
    10 September, 2009 at 06:05

    Nice arbitrary assessments on illegal immigrant crime:

    “But let’s be fair, I’d say that less than 5% of “illegals” are here committing criminal acts above your basic infraction (driving without insurance) or misdemeanor (overstaying a visa.)”

    5% huh? It would serve you well to do some real research. It is common knowledge that we have thousands of illegals in our jails for drug crimes, murders, and gang violence, who represent more than 5%. Not to mention the culture of pedophilia that Mexico churns out with age of consent laws being widely set at 14 years of age and as low as 13 in some Mexican states.

    It is also interesting to note that the vast majority drop out of school and perpetuate their life of poverty despite every bleeding heart handout and opportunity. I have zero sympathy for their plight in Mexico. We had a corrupt government 200+ years ago and we fought them off and won. These Illegal Mexicans want to have their cake/flan and eat it too, after we pay for it. Their impact on this country is purely negative. Then they have the nerve to put their “made in Mexico” sticker on their unregistered car. If Mexico is so great then go back.

    People like you turn a blind eye to an imminent danger for the sake of being “chill”. After perusing your blog it would appear that your target audience consists of uneducated dolts who are dazzled by contrived and self-indulgent vocabulary words. What a classic thesaurus junkie.

    PS: Non sequitur is is a Latin phrase, not a compound word.
    “If blacks and hispanics can have pride, why can’t whites?” and “Illegal immigration is destroying our great state.”

    The first isn’t a non sequitur, because it is a logically consistent rhetorical question, and the second is simply a statement of opinion.

    Cool phrase though, I’m sure the 10 people who read your article were ignorantly impressed. Keep up the good work of placating a group of people who wouldn’t (and most of whom couldn’t in English) even bother to thank you for your keyboard humanitarianism to the illegal community.

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