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I Love This Movie

He's the biggest boss that you've seen thus far.

He's the biggest boss that you've seen thus far.

I have no idea why they stopped making awesome fucking movies like this. It’s too bad when people actually do try bringing back this genre (Jackie Brown), they fail miserably. Fred Williamson (the star of many notable “Blaxploitation” films) needs to make a comeback.

I suggest a re-make of this widely-popular film from the 1970’s:

Aw Shiiiat.

Aw Shiiiat.

Yes, this American classic would make a fine impression on today’s Obama-inspired youth who have taken for granted the racially accepting climate of the day. The only question is: Who would play the role of “Nigger Charley”? Dave Chapelle? Morgan Freeman? LeBron James? Ladies and gentlemen, this is a very important question to analyze. The exploitation of 1970’s African-American stereotypes needs to make a strong comeback. In a world of Halloween, The Bad News Bears and Inglourious Basterds re-makes, the blaxploitation genre is mysteriously missing.

On a similar, and slightly-related note – I have heard rumors of Jamie Foxx taking over the role of “Dirty” Harry Callahan in the Dirty Harry re-make. To this I ask: What the fuck?

I was fine having a black man take over the role of Robert Neville in the “Omega Man” re-make (I am Legend), but I find this to be an offensive a slap in the face to noted racist* and all-around badass Clint Eastwood if this film were to happen. Let’s pray it does not. Ever. With a black or white man.

*Note: I am basing the claim of Clint Eastwood as a racist off of his portrayal of Walt Kowalski in 2008’s Gran Torino. Also note that Impeccable Hubris does not condone blatant racism. We do, however, support satirical racism under the guise of humor.

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