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The Last $100


Being dead broke. Aint it a bitch?

I checked my credit card balances to see just how insolvent I am, and it sure is desolate. I’m down to my last $100, and the sad thing is, it aint even mine. I’ve got a little over one hundred dollars in leverage left to keep myself free from the perils of bankruptcy.

It’s a lonely place. As the economy suffers, so do those without assets. We all know the story. Layoffs, reductions in pay, stalled job creation, payroll freezes. I’ve been forced to live off credit and unemployment checks, and now both those options are gone. I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I do know one thing: My trials and tribulations will be chronicled here in this very blog. They won’t necessarily be humorous, but they certainly have the propensity to be. If anything, I hope they’re informative and mildly entertaining.

Last night I lent some of what little money I have left to pay my buddy’s emergency room bill. Could I afford it? No. Would I do it again? Of course. I hope that karma filters back quickly. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the game of life, it’s that people remember who took care of them in their time of need. There was a time when I put up money so my friend who was living on a couch could have a place to live. I covered our first and last month’s rent, and he didn’t forget. When my car got totaled and the insurance company wouldn’t pay for a new ride, he gave me a BMW. I was good to him when his outlook was bleak, and he didn’t forget it.

And now here I am. The light right now is dim, but it’s still lit. Keep your eyes on the prize, my friends. Every day I meet someone who’s finding a way to get by. I take their tenacity as motivation, and keep my head up. Aint no use in giving up. I hope this journey proves entertaining. Because, hey, who knows…maybe some dickhead from Hollywood will option my blog and make a shitty low budget indie out of it (if they don’t steal my work, of course.)

I mean, who wouldn’t be entertained by strange and terrifying stories featuring junkies, strippers, murderers, musicians and everything in between? Fuckin aye, I would. Alright, that’s all the complaining I got for tonight.

[I promise my next post will be funny. I just had to be serious with this one. Wish me luck, guys. The going is about to get real rough out there.]

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