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About the Author

I don’t think I have a bio section on here, so I have decided to randomly throw one into the middle of all my blog posts. So someday when this shit has a couple hundred posts, you’re really going to have to dig if you want to know anything about me.

First of all, I’m not revealing my name. If you know who I am, cool. If not, even better. Also, I use a lot of pseudonyms (only by request, or occassionally out of respect) when describing real people in my life.

Only Known Photograph of "Leduque"

Only Known Photograph of "Leduque"

What I think you should know:

I spent most of junior high and high school getting arrested, committing petty crimes, getting suspended from school and receiving straight A’s. My parents always told me the ultimate “Fuck You” to the cops and teachers that hated me was to be successful and throw my grades in their face. Otherwise, I’d just be another punk kid with no future. So I did what I was told and got good grades.

I took a full class load my senior year of high school and took night classes to become an EMT on top of that. I didn’t care that all my friends were taking only 4 classes and spending their time surfing, smoking herb and playing hookie. I wanted to be successful, and I knew my ticket to freedom was a respectable job out of high school. I became a licensed Emergency Medical Technician in the State of California at age 18 and went right to work.That lasted three years until I couldn’t take the bullshit anymore, and quit.

I then spent a couple years dabbling in retail sales (which consisted of making a lot of really easy money, and sleeping with girls that were way out of my league.)

After that, I started freelance consulting for small businesses and individuals. This basically consisted of tax consulting, copy writing, and very minor bookkeeping. I should note that this whole time, I was keeping a personal blog on myspace that chronicled my job as an EMT, my arrests, sexual conquests, misadventures, and just about anything else that I deemed entertaining and worthy of re-telling.

I’m currently interning at a financial servicesĀ  firm out of Newport Beach, CA as I search for full-time employment. I cannot disclose the name of this company for obvious reasons. My life as a professional should not be confused with my life outside of work, and I do not wish to blur the lines.

I’ve lived in Anaheim Hills, Dana Point, San Clemente and Fullerton, California. I’m Orange County born and bred, but I’m certainly not wealthy, and I’m certainly not affluent. My father is a blue collar conservative who owns his own small business, and my mother is a lesbian who fights for equal rights for the gay and lesbian community.

I’m currently wrapping up a 7-year finance degree from California State University, Fullerton – And from there, I have no fucking idea where life will take me.

Any blanks I may have left out will most certainly be filled in with my numerous blog posts to come. I just hope you enjoy reading about my crazy, and often times fucked up existence.

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