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The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: How Women Use it Against You


Most Chicks When They See Me

Since not everyone is familiar with the exact definition of this term, I’ll turn to wikipedia for guidance: “A prediction that directly or indirectly causes itself to become true, by the very terms of the prophecy itself, due to positive feedback between belief and behavior.”

Wow, confusing, right?

Well here’s an example: When Roxanna falsely believes that her marriage will fail and fears such failure will occur that it actually causes the marriage to fail.

Nice, that made perfect sense.

Well, gentlemen, women do this ALL THE TIME.

They may become bored with a relationship after a couple months/years with you, but don’t have the balls to breakup with you. So they start modifying their behavior to annoy and alienate you. After a while, you begin asking them “what’s wrong?”, or “why have you been so distant?” and then they snap at you and call you paranoid..or better yet, call you a “dick” or something along those lines.

Before you know it, you two are fighting constantly and the relationship is in shambles. And of course you’re to blame for “smothering” them or some other bullshit excuse.

THEY want out of the relationship, so THEY act like an unrelenting bitch to the point of madness. You begin to lose your mind, and THEY blame the breakup on you. This way, they avoid the guilt of actually having to break up with you, plus THEY get the added bonus of calling you an “asshole” to their friends. Yet it was THEM who wanted out all along. Awesome, right?

Yep. It never gets old.

Hey bitches, here’s a novel idea: BE STRAIGHT UP WITH US!

Whoa, scary, right? You’re big girls though, you can do it! Tired of sleeping with us? Tell us. Don’t want to be in a relationship anymore? Sit us down and break it to us. There’s no need to manipulate your behavior in such a way that it sets off an inevitable chain of events that will ultimately drive us away. It just makes you insufferable and brings out your gaping character flaws. Seriously. Grow up.

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