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How Did This Happen?



I’m supposed to not be cool with bros, and by virtue of that, hate the music they listen to. This means I hate Kottonmouth Kings, In Flames, Slightly Stoopid, et al. Yet something very strange occurred the other day while I was driving South on the 5 freeway. My iPod died, so I turned on the radio.

Now I don’t know if it was the setting sun, the Pacific Ocean glistening between the hills, or my dazed mindstate at the time, but the following song came on the radio and sounded pretty awesome: “2am.”

I had no idea who the artist was, but I knew I loved the song. So as soon as I got home I started googling all sorts of shit such as “KROQ reggae song”, “stoner ass reggae” and “reggae that doesn’t suck.” Nothing. I could not locate this song for the life of me. And this song was AWESOME. Boy, was I trippin. I even went on KROQ’s website and sifted through their playlists. I found Matis Yahu and Damiam Marley (both legit), but unfortunately they weren’t what I was looking for.

Until this weekend. I asked one of my buddies what he’s been doing lately, and he told me he landed a gig at the aforementioned radio station (106.7 KROQ in Los Angeles) as “the guy that takes requests and shit.”

I immediately quizzed him on the author of this amazing song I loved so dearly, and the conversation went something like this:

Me: “Dude. I heard the most badass reggae song on your station a couple weeks ago! Who is it!??”

My buddy: “Oh, that’s “2am” by Slightly Stoopid.”

Me: “Wait, what. Are you fucking kidding me? Slighty Stoopid?? I’m supposed to hate that band.”

My Buddy: “Yeah, it’ s a good song.”

Damn. I guess this shit happens. You hear an awesome fucking song on the radio, and then you come to find out it’s by a band or artist you “hate.” It’s humbling I suppose.

Lesson learned? Yeah, I suppose.

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