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What It’s Like to Come Down: A Cautionary Tale

Holy shit. In December of 2007, some scumbag pussy by the name of Corey Andreason (of Huntington Beach, California) decided to take a baseball bat to my face several times while I slept. The result was four major bone fractures in my face and skull, the partial loss of vision in one eye, three major resconstructive surgeries, and four metal plates in my face

Side Note: If you know this dude, tell him he’s an asshole. And also, let him know that if I ever see him in public, I’m going to shave his face off with a cheese grater and then piss on his raw flesh.

Anyway, I was put on painkillers by my doctor. I was receiving 60 norcos (10mg hydrocodone, 325mg acetemenophin) every 5 days or so. This lasted for about 9 months until the good doctor decided I had had enough, and cut me off cold turkey (without informing me, of course.) You can imagine how shocked I was when I went in to pick up my prescription, only to have the pharmacist tell me, “Sorry sir, the doctor has canceled your prescripion.”

So I meet with the good doc, and tell I’m going through insane withdrawls similar to that of a heroin addict. He smirks it off and tells me to go buy a bottle of advil. What a prick.

I had no choice but to take to the streets and begin purchasing painkillers at enormously inflated street prices. Just to put this in perspective for you, I was paying $5 for a bottle of 60 norcos. On the street, that would cost me upwards of $300 dollars (norcos are usually sold for around $3.50 on the street, but you can find them for as cheap as $1 if you buy in bulk [more than 1,000], and I’ve seen them as high as $6 a pop.)

So anyway, that fucking sucked. I went from paying $0.08 a pill to about $4 a pill. Shit got costly.

When I realized I was spending over $1,000 a month on these pills, I decided to go to a detox clinic to finally ween myself off of them. Unfortunately that cost me $500, and the medicine they gave me caused me to have horrible bouts of vomitting and diarrhea for about a week.

My clean streak lasted for a while, but then the pain came back. Massive, sharp pains through my face and lower back (the back pain was from a previous and unrelated incident. A car accident, in fact.) This gave me insomnia and I started to lose my god damn mind. So I went back to self medication.This can only last for so long though. You start off taking 1 or 2 norcos a day for pain, but after about 3 or 4  months you’re up to 15-20 a day, and dabbling in the more potent oxycontin.

The “worst” it ever got for me was 18 norcos (180mg of hydrocodone), mixed with two 80mg oxycontin (80mg oxycodone) and about a gram of cocaine. Why the cocaine?, you ask. Why not? I say.

This is only Part I of the story. I’ll be back with Part II later.

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