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The Battle is On

All good blogs have rivals.

And now that I have moved my blog from the annals of Myspace to the prestigious domain of wordpress.com, I feel like I need to begin a rivarly.

A “feud”, if you will.

Some of you might know the closet Jew Marissa A. Ross (if not, please see the link to her blog on the right of this page.) This broad has the audacity to patronize me (one of her mentors and idols) for linking her shit to my new blog. How dare she.

For the record, I started blogging (officially) on July 09, 2004. Yes, nearly a half-decade ago.

I’m pretty sure five years ago Marissa was dating a faun (half-goat, half-man) and working at Nordstrom while living off her trust fund.

Now she wants to tell me I’m “precious” and it’s “cute” that I linked her blog on my page. Fuuuuuck THAT.

Anyone who has followed the evolution of our friendship (mutual love-hate relationship, unrequited paranoia, one-way inferiority complex) knows that I am one of the greatest influences of her literary life.

And when she’s not busy plagarizing Hunter S. Thompson, she’s looking at me for advice.

I will concede that she has me beat (see: PWN3d) in the video blog department, which is cool. But in terms of material, original humor and writing style…well, it’s no contest.

I will continue to publicly bash Marissa “A.” Ross until she formally apologizes for her condescending disrespect, wanton patronizing, and flippant attitude towards me.

And that is what the fuck is up.

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